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Omeo, Victoria, a small town nestled high in the Australian Alps.
Once one of the wildest goldfields in the country.
A town rich in Australian history.

In 1834, a Galicia-born Austrian naturalist named Johan Lhotsky discovered gold in the Livingstone Creek.
The site where he washed an ounce of gold from the sand would become the town of Omeo, a ramshackle town of calico tents and bark-roofed huts with a post office, a store and a pub, would grow to a vibrant town of 9400 people at the height of the mining boom.

An account of its first 100 years.

Explore the fascinating life and times of one of Australia’s earlier citizens, on a journey that will take you from Bremen, Germany, to a bustling Sydney, to the treacherous goldfields of the Palmer River in Northern Queensland, and on to Omeo, Victoria, one of the wildest goldfields in the country.

Arriving in Australia in 1881, at the age of eighteen, William Kracke endured the challenge of finding work in Sydney, the thrill of the gold rush, the savagery of hostile Aborigines, the destruction of the 1939 Black Friday bushfires.

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